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Lily Lake Solar Farm

PUI is pleased to announce that the 10 MW Lily Lake Solar Farm has been placed into commercial operation.  Power from the solar farm was first injected into the grid in early April 2011 with the entire 10 MW facility completed in late June 2011.

The Lily Lake Solar Farm is located at the northwest corner of Lily Lake Road & Fife’s Bay Roads.  Three properties totalling approximately 300 acres were purchased for the project with approximately 140 acres used for the solar farm.  The balance of the property entails wetlands and rural lands.  PUI has established a minimum 30 meter setback from wetland areas and is committed to restoring this property to a natural environment.  PUI will be planting five trees for every tree removed from the project properties.
PUI has a Renewable Standard Offer (RESOP) contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) for the facility with a 20 year term.  The facility is connected to Hydro One's 44 kV distribution system adjacent to Hydro One's Dobbin Transformer Station.

The facility comprises 20 blocks of 500 kw each using thin film, amorphous silicon solar panels.  For further information regarding the project, see our Lily Lake Solar Farm Brochure.

The Lily Lake Solar Farm is expected to produce enough ‘green’ energy to supply approximately 1,500 homes.