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Campbellford Generating Station

Campbellford Seymour GS was constructed in 1910 by the Campbellford PUC. In 1994, a second power plant was constructed adjacent to the original plant increasing the capacity of the site from 2 MW to 6 MW. In 2000, when the Ontario electricity market was deregulated, Peterborough Utilities Inc. (PUI) acquired the site from the town of Campbellford.
PUI's interests in this site are held under its wholly owned subsidiary,  Campbellford Seymour Electric Generation Inc. (CSEGI).  CSEGI operates under a head lease with the federal government.

The original facility (Plant No. 1) utilizes Francis-type turbines and synchronous generators. One of the units produces 1.2 MW and the other 0.8 MW, for a total output of 2 MW.  This facility has a Hydroelectric Contract Initiative (HCI) agreement with the IESO for the sale of power until 2030.

Plant No. 2 is constructed immediately beside the original and utilizes two vertical S-type Kaplan turbines.  Each of the two generators is capable of producing 2 MW for a total output of 4 MW.  This facility currently operates under a Non-Utility Generation (NUG) agreement with the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation (OEFC).

Combined, the two plants generate approximately 34,000 MWh of clean renewable energy annually; sufficient electricity to meet the needs of approximately 3,400 homes.

Campbellford Generating Station Plant No. 1