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Lily Lake Solar Farm


The 10 MW Lily Lake Solar Farm is located at the northwest corner of Lily Lake Road and Fife’s Bay Road within the Township of Selwyn on approximately 140 acres of property purchased by Peterborough Utilities Inc.  The facility is connected to Hydro One Network Inc.’s local distribution system adjacent to Hydro One’s Dobbin Transformer Station.  

The Lily Lake Solar Farm operates under a 20-year Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP) contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The facility generates approximately 14,300 MWh of clean renewable energy to meet the electricity demands of almost 1,500 homes. 

The Lily Lake Solar Farm was one of the first large scale solar projects undertaken within the province.  Construction of the project commenced in early summer of 2010 under an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contract. The EPC contract included the supply and installation of 2.5 MW of thin film, amorphous silicon solar modules produced by Opti-Solar, a California based supplier.  The remaining 7.5 MW of solar modules were procured directly by PUI from a German supplier, Masdar PV. 

Recent Upgrades

In 2015, due to early unexpected deterioration of the Opti-Solar modules, PUI made the decision to replace these modules with new crystalline silicon solar modules manufactured by Canadian Solar Industries in Guelph.  The deconstruction and disposal of the Opti-Solar solar panels, support frames, cables and concrete ballasts was completed in February and March of 2015 by a local contractor. The solar modules and virtually all other material removed from the facility was recycled or re-purposed for other uses.  The design and installation of new foundation posts, steel racking, electrical cables and solar modules was undertaken by PCL Contractors between May and July of 2015.  The work was successfully completed ahead of schedule and within budget. 

 Lily Lake Solar Farm August 2015

Environmental & Social Responsibility

PUI is committed to undertaking work at the Lily Lake Solar Farm in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. As part of the project planning and approvals, PUI established a minimum 30 meter setback from wetland areas, restored a section of the wetland impacted by past landowners, and committed to further restoring this area to a natural environment.  Over the past several years, PUI has planted several hundred trees within the facility property. 

Visual screening of the facility was not a requirement at the time of planning, approval and construction of the Lily Lake Solar Farm.  PUI has and continues to work collaboratively with adjacent property owners to address their concerns and mitigate visual impacts of the facility. 

In 2017, PUI successfully introduced sheep to the Lily Lake Solar Farm.  The solar facility provides a safe and secure environment for the sheep while the sheep help maintain vegetation growth on the property, a true win-win situation. 

Sheep Grazing at Solar Panels