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Waste Water Treatment Plant Generation Facility


Peterborough Utilities Inc. (PUI) has completed the construction of a new 380 kilowatt (kW) combined heat and power (CHP) facility.  The facility achieved Commercial Operation in August 16, 2016.  The facility utilizes methane gas produced as part of the treatment processes at the Peterborough Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) as an energy source.  The Peterborough WWTP process creates a methane gas as a by-product of their anaerobic digestion processes.  This gas originally fuelled three (3) boilers to produce heat for the facility‚Äôs needs.

Peterborough Utilities Inc. replaced one of the existing boilers with a biogas engine.  The engine, utilizing the methane gas produced by the WWTP processes, will in turn produce electricity through a directly coupled generator.  Heat produced by the engine will be captured and piped into the WWTP existing heating system. 

On July 23, 2013 PUI was awarded a FIT 2.1 Contract for the sale of electricity to the Independent Electricity System Operation (Formerly the Ontario Power Authority).  As part of the project, PUI also secured all required project approvals, including a Renewable Energy Approval (REA), issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Key Benefits

  • Green Power to approximately 360 homes.
  • Reduction of green house gases.
  • Optimizes power and heat production.

CHP Engine