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Be Safe

Peterborough Utilities Inc. (PUI) owns and operates four hydro-electric generation facilities.  Three are located in Peterborough, and the fourth is located in Campbellford adjacent to Lock 14.

At these stations, water runs through the turbines to create clean renewable energy, and then the water is returned to the river.

In areas around the generating station and dam, water can move quickly, and it if necessary, the water may stop going through the station and be diverted to the dam.  This can happen quickly and be very dangerous if you’re standing on the downstream side of the dam.

Low FlowHigh Flow

These photos are taken at the same location on the river only a few minutes apart.  The photo on the left shows low flow. The photo on the right shows how large volumes of water can quickly be released from gates that are remotely controlled.  The high volume of water could wash you away.

Please don’t think of our generating stations as a fishing hole, or a place to do your kayaking.  And please don’t swim upstream or downstream of our stations.

Our generation stations are not safe for recreational activities. 


PUI has installed signs (like the one shown below) to identify areas where is is unsafe to be.  It is very important that you read, understand and adhere to the messages on these signs.

Extreme Danger Sign

Water Safety...What You Need to Know.

  • Stay out of river beds below dams.  They may be dry, but that can change in a matter of seconds if the dam gates open.

  • Obey the warning signs.

  • Stay a safe distance away from warning signs, fences, buoys, booms and barriers.

  • Be alert for changing water levels, and stay away from the river's edge.

  • Don’t step out into moving water.

  • When swimming, fishing, boating or paddling in a river, be aware of changing water levels and flows.If you see a change, get out of the water, or move away from the area.

Your Kids...Don't Take Your Eye Off Them!

When you're around water, teach your children about the safety measures that are in place.  Explain what the signs, fences, booms and barriers mean.  Tell them where they can and can't go.

And finally, make sure that you can see them at all times.

Did You Know?

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Trespassing on PUI property is illegal.  The police and MNR can lay charges.  This is only being done to ensure your safety. 

  No Trespassing Sign

What's All That Noise? What Do the Flashing Lights Mean?

In addition to the physical barriers (fences and booms) that have been put in place, PUI has also installed horns and flashing lights to warn you of changing water levels and flows.  Sorry for the racket, but we're doing it for your safety.

“PUI has a longstanding commitment to implementing public safety measures at our facilities,” says Keith Rye, Manager, Risk & Asset Management. “More than a third of Ontario's power comes from renewable hydroelectric generation, so we’re always exploring new ways to keep the “stay clear, stay safe” message fresh and memorable.”